Trip to the Pirate Island, Pangkor Island Malaysia

Trip to the Pirate Island, Pangkor Island Malaysia

Pangkor Island Malaysia is an island that consists of mountains with Pangkor Hill as the highest point on 1216 meter high.Mountains cover the whole island so that the roads are built circling around the mountainous island. Pangkor Island always has the same good weather all year long so tourists can visit anytime. There are some hotels and resorts available on the island, which are always busy in public and school holidays. Like Penang and Langkawi, the island belongs to the best places to visit when you need to enjoy traveling to a wonderful tropical island.

Pangkor Island History

Pangkor Island Malaysia was an island of pirates. The pirates used the island and the cave on it to house robbed ships and goods. In the era of Dutch colonialism, the island was used by Dutch East India Company for tin industry and they established a fort in 1670. In the British colonialism, the island renamed as a Monkey Island. When the colonialism was over the island was named as Pulau Aman or Peaceful Island and then it was renamed to Pangkor Island.

Pangkor Island Activities and Attractions

There are many attractions and activities that can be enjoyed during the trip to Pangkor Island Malaysia, such as enjoying water sports, offshore fishing and boat riding away to the beautiful smaller islands. For those who love exploring landmarks and historical building, you can see the temples, Dutch Fort, Tiger Rock that will tell you histories about the island. Otherwise, you also can try exploring the jungles by trekking on the mountainous island.

How to Get to Pangkor Island Malaysia

Pangkor Island Malaysia has an airport and you only can take the local airline Berjaya Air from Kuala Lumpur to reach the island. For a cheaper option, you also can take a public bus to the island. The public buses operate every day from Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and Ipoh. The bus ticket costs RM25 per person for one way trip. Besides, you also can drive by yourself to Pangkor Island. It will only take about 3.5 hours of driving from Kuala Lumpur. However, you can’t drive up to the high location of the island, so the car should be parked at the car park.

It is also possible to use a taxi to take you to Lumut, but the rate is so expensive; about RM400 for one way. From Lumut, you should take a ferry to Pangkor Island Malaysia for about 40 minutes of sailing. For those who have booked resorts on the island, you commonly should take certain boats that will directly bring you to the resorts. But you also can choose Mesra Ferry that offers upper deck so the passengers can enjoy the views along sailing.

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