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Birth of the Style Icon: Lexus IS 200

Birth of the Style Icon: Lexus IS 200

Toyota released Lexus to compete mainly with luxury automobile producers like BMW, Merc and Cadillac. Thus the main focus of Lexus selection continued to be on luxurious, high carrying out automobiles including sedans, coups, Sports utility vehicles and, by 2010, hatchbacks too. Though LS 400 was the very first luxury vehicle designed and produced by Lexus, under key F1 project, in 1989, it had been until 1998 that Lexus IS was released, a beginner compact sedan directly challenging BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C Class. With introduction of a beginner high end model, Lexus outfitted itself to interact its top rivals on all fronts.

Change towards performance

First generation IS was brain child of accomplished engineer Nobuaki Katayama and took it’s origin from previous, AS200, Altezza. Formerly Lexus was focusing mainly on luxury, with Is really a sharp change towards performance might be felt. Lexus IS 200 engine in sedan form of IS was just a couple. litre gas engine however it created 210 bhp, nevertheless it was destined just for Japanese market and released by individual sellers, not by Lexus.Lexus IS 200 2017

Legendary looks

Aside from high end, IS styling seemed to be acclaimed because it used chromed tail lights that have been not used at all before. Soon Altezza Styled lights grew to become a success trend, with lots of auto-part producers developing similarly styled lights for other models and makes. Since Lexus was released to challenge old car manufacturers, so somewhat it required inspiration from them also LS was similar to Toyota Camry and Crown, SC and GS employed Mercedes trademark front lighting first generation IS could be known as the real Lexus since it’s design and specs were fantastic.

Getting intimidating and masculine as time passes

Second generation IS went into surgery along with a more aggressive and masculine searching IS was presented in 2005. However, tail lights of Australian and United kingdom versions was similar to tail lights of recent Camry. These aggressive looks were also accompanied by a similarly intimidating variety of new Lexus IS engines varying from 2. to five litre V6s and V8s, creating from nimble 153 to jaw shedding 417 bhp inside a compact saloon chassis.

With strict environment rules in European nations, resulting in greater taxes, Lexus Is located it tough to grip European market using its bigger V8s. Up till now, its purchase statistics indicate that Japan and USA would be the leading marketplaces of IS. So like its German rivals, Lexus refrained from presenting bigger engine models in Europe and British marketplaces, though fanatics still import them in to these marketplaces.