Some Unique Wedding Ideas that Can Make Your Wedding Day Memorable

Some Unique Wedding Ideas that Can Make Your Wedding Day Memorable

Unique Wedding Ideas

Here are some unique wedding ideas that can make your wedding day memorable for the rest of your life:

1. Since the idea behind an intimate wedding is to share the day with close family and friends, consider making your own wedding favors. For example, a homemade basket of cookies, breads and treats. Or personalized CDs created with the music you and your loved ones enjoy. The point here is to make your wedding favors as personal as possible.

2. How about your guests sign and write a personal feeling on a tablecloth? Then, at a later date, you can have the signatures and feelings permanently embroidered in the tablecloth in memory of the family.

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3. Make your own wedding invitations, personalizing everyone with a special feeling. You can design them entirely from scratch, choosing the paper you want, adding dried flowers or bows, or even adding your own background image if you have talent. domain (or know someone who has talent).

4. Instead of the usual hospitality activities, try the activities you know. For example, if your family and friends love social games, hold a tournament with the winner who will win a gift basket. Or try a treasure hunt, a softball game or a movie trip. local.

The idea behind a small wedding is to share your special day with only a few special people. Since the size of the wedding party and the guests is easily manageable, the small wedding ideas often allow you to continue the marriage of your dreams, otherwise it would not be possible. Whether it is a refined wedding, elegant or a few close friends sharing a common interest, the choice is yours. Make your intimate wedding a wedding you will never forget.

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