What’s the Ideal Age For Marriage?

What’s the Ideal Age For Marriage?

Ideal Age For MarriageDoes age matter when it comes to marriage? Many adults and some of their parents think that after the age of twenty is the best time, give them a chance to secure a career. Contrary to that thought, some of our empirical research and evidence suggests that getting married early in your 20th century is probably a good time. Having a partner while you work for college and up the career ladder can be very fun and rewarding.

We got married when we were in college, at a young age. We feel in love and want to be together forever. As simple as that. We believe it can be as simple as that now. Many young couples prove that marriage can be fun and lasting if they work on it. Happy marriages of all ages are not automatically obtained, so if you have found someone you love, with whom you share common values, take steps. Here are some ideas on why marriage can be done at your age – and although young does not mean teens.

It is fun and valuable to have a partner to share life permanently. As soon as you find your partner and marry, the longer your marriage life will become. There are many people waiting too long. In the recent newspapers Julie Shockley, married when she was 22, said, “at a young age I found the right person, not a sycophant, not a liar, not a tootle, not a liar, we dated for three years. Based on (some) rules about how my twenties should be used, I have to … what exactly? Breaking up with someone who treats me well, makes me laugh, has the same intelligence and ambition that I have in common with my own? .. [Why I want] broke up with a good man whether so I can go find a man just like him? ”

When you find the right person, get married soon. Do not wait just because people say in their early twenties is too young. Dating the person for enough time, then do and prove them wrong. That’s what we do.

Delaying marriage does not guarantee the true happiness of marriage

In an article by Lois M. Collins, he reported that Jason S. Carroll, associate director of the School of Family at Brigham Young University and a senior member at the RELATE Institute cited research on marriage age satisfaction. He wrote his findings that, “Those in their 20s and beyond” did not prove to be happier or have a better marriage. “One of the notes studied 5 data that found the best possible concerning intact marriage of the highest quality among those married between the ages of 22 and 25.

“What I thought was happening was that we were very conscious about the risks of teenage marriage.” So people have the interpretation that more maturity is always better – ‘that if age 22 is better than age 18, then age 26 is better than age 22 and age 30 is better than age 26,’ Carroll said. This will not guarantee and on those points, age is not the main problem that will destroy a marriage.

“It is more about the choice of life, the values, the level of one’s accountability, and so forth,” Carroll said. “We will be much better at helping our young people understand what makes a healthier relationship than just determining age by arbitrary.

Final idea

Finally we need to educate our children about the importance of dating well, decent people who will be good partners. Let them know that marriage life can be beautiful and blessed, and that it must be pursued, not delayed until your career is accomplished and all your problems are resolved. The blessings of marriage are to find someone who will travel together. Educate them through research that shows that in the early age of 20s is a good time to get married.


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