Live TV Streaming Services Online

Once you’ve got your Roku or alternative streaming apparatus set up you might want to check out Streaming TV. We’ve been using it for a couple of months as I write this, and I am certainly happy with it. Streaming TV is live, streaming television.

While I like Streaming TV quite a little, there are drawbacks here. There’s a cost for this, so if you are seeking to go completely free, this isn’t the manner. Nonetheless, it is much, not as expensive than most cable and satellite providers. You’re also relying on your internet connection for support, so if you lose net, you lose your accessibility to Streaming TV. And, if you don’t have a great internet connection to start with, the standard of your picture will not be quite as excellent.

I do think the advantages greatly outweigh the negatives, however, at least for me. Streaming TV comes at a great cost for what you’re getting. As of the writing, costs start at $20 per month to get their Orange bundle and $25 for the Blue. Additionally, there are some optional add-on bundles for even more stations. Including our HD antenna stations, we get something like 70 stations in total, no satellite or cable required.

Also, you get (mostly) channels you will watch. Unlike satellite, where for each one channel you’ve heard of you will find just three pushed at you which you do not want. Sling provides you very couple of channels you have never heard of, and many of the big names you know you’ll watch.

For me, the mixture of this HD antenna,, and Streaming TV gets me about 95% of everything I need from a satellite for a much less expensive cost.

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