Tips on Choosing the Right Design For Your Garage Door

Tips on Choosing the Right Design For Your Garage Door

Beautify the garage design in residential homes can be done in various ways. One of them can be done through the selection of the right garage design, so the more sweetened your home. The existence of a garage does not have to exist in every residential home. Although it can be called a complementary room, but will be a space that needs to be presented in the home if you have a car, motorcycle or other personal transportation. For a garage that is designed to be closed, the garage door becomes an important element to note.

The garage door is an element used as an outgoing and incoming access that links between the garage with the carport or with the home page. Given its important function, it is not wrong to give more attention when choosing the type of garage door that fits with the concept and design of residential homes.

There are various factors that are important to consider when choosing garage door, starting from material used, finishing up to garage door model. In order not to eat too much space, selected the type of sliding garage door. Garage door width about three meters with a height of about 2.5 meters. While the garage door model is designed by itself with a simple and minimalist style.

The garage door is not fully enclosed, the model is made like a lattice with elongated lane shape with wide variation of air hole.

With a vent like this one can be used as a place of air circulation and light. So when heating the car without opening the garage door, car exhaust fumes can get out through the vent at the door. Through the vent at the door also makes light can enter even though the door is not opened.

Choosing the Right Color For Your Garage Door

Garage Door

While the color of chocolate paint selected as finishing on the garage door of the teak wood. “Actually the original color is the color of wood with melamine finishing, but because of damage to wood texture then I paint with a brown color that is similar to the color of wood.”

For the treatment, you only need to regularly smear rails and door wheels using vaseline. The treatment is done to prevent the garage door creak or sound when shifted.

In my house that previously garage door model rolling from aluminum, but the material is less strong. Therefore for the house that is now selected folding gate because we see this material is stronger and durable.

While the color of the garage door looks contrast with the paint color of the walls around it. The color of the garage door is orange, while the house paint is gray-blue. While the selection of folding door model is seen not to take place and make it easier when opening and closing the garage door.

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