Type of housing modern

Type of housing classical

Classical type of housing is having elegant look to the house. The use of pillars, profile, ornaments is being the characteristic of the classical style. The era of roman and Greek is that examples. Besides elegant look, the classical type of housing sometimes shows the side of luxury. The functional is not the main factor for the classical design. The compositions are symmetric and orderly.  The characters of the classical type of housing are symmetric, luxury or elegant, high pillars, pediment triangle and roof dome.



From the outside, we can see that the classical design prioritize the size than the functions. The house will looks symmetric with the monotone windows layout. That will be happen to all classical type of housing. That is also the main characteristic of the classical design. Different with the outside, the inside have super high plafond. The average of the high plafond is can be 3.5 meters. It makes the rooms look luxury. The stairs in classical design is wider than the regular stairs and have curve shape. That is also the characters of classical style. Even though the classical design has super high plafond, the rooms are still separated. The classical type of housing does not have the open space room. All are separated with the wall.

The materials that usually used in classical design are natural materials. To make the materials look great, it will be process before use it. That is also a way to express the art at that time. Such as cast iron, natural stone and marble. The finishing touch is the important part for the classical type of house. Because the finishing will specify how to treat that materials. That’s to keep the consistency of the concept. That is why some of classical design uses finishing powder coating with the white color.

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