new cheat for Garena free fire

new cheat for Garena free fire

On January 15, 2018, through its official website, Free Fire – Battlegrounds listed the announcement entitled “A Letter to the Free Fire Community from Garena”, which in essence expresses a sense of appreciation to the Free Fire player community over the past two months, including its achievements as a mobile game number of top sellers in 22 countries with total download reach tens of millions rupiah.

This is what also encourages the GARENA Indonesia to categorize Free Fire – Battlegrounds as one of the best survival mobile genre games, and deserve to be the official game labeled Garena Indonesia!

Initially, Free Fire is a game project undertaken by a team of developers under the auspices of Garena who are slowly growing and meeting high standards like other Garena games. Therefore, in order to provide maximum service especially from the Garena team as well as to help the development and innovation, then starting on January 15, 2018, Free Fire – Battlegrounds so official game made by GARENA Indonesia. Some issues about garena free fire hack.

Garena Free fire hack


This survival shooter game will fly the player to a remote island along with 50 other players and vying to become ‘last man standing’. Each player (nicknamed survivor) must get weapons, stay in the game zone, and grab enemy weapons and explore the map with a wide selection of available vehicles, or hide while waiting for the right moment to kill the enemy with garena free fire tool.

There are three modes that can be played namely Solo, Duo, and Squad mode, in which players can form a team of up to 4 people. Free Fire provides a stable local server, user-friendly UI, smooth graphical display, and voice chat feature to facilitate communication between in-game players. Not to forget, the player can also complain every problem via Customer Service, which will faithfully help the survivors. but there is a bug using Garena Free Fire Cheat.

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