How to Get Informed About Homescapes Events

How to Get Informed About Homescapes Events

For the addictive game players, joining some Homescapes events often recognized as the best time to meet with other players. Events will help player to get along with other players in real life in certain city. Sometimes the events hold in special occasion like Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year, and other occasion. If you played a popular game namely Homescapes, the community sometimes held certain events among them, especially for those who lived in the same area. It will be very astonishing to spend great time together with the same game player, as you can share with them about the game and how to do some hack about the game.

In fact, some people even become mates after having the Homescapes events. It is because the sharing moment will make them know who shared the things and having same experience. This also will be great time to meet new friends. Then, how to get informed about the events?

There are some ways in order to get informed about the . First is by following the official social media account of the game. Most players tend to follow the Facebook, since it provided many information about events, and other things. Sometimes the account on Facebook also often shared the way how to get coins, and giving the coins for free. In that case, don’t miss the chance both to be informed about any events and event get the free coins and other rewards which will be very helpful for game playing. The next way to be informed about the events is by subscribe the newsletter which will be sent through email. You can visit their official websites and type your email for newsletter which will be given almost everyday. Sometimes the will tell you how to get the coins, and sometimes even invite you to join the events they hold.

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