Castle Clash – Attack and Defense tips

Castle Clash – Attack and Defense tips


Tips for the defence in Castle Clash

One more thing that is neglected by many players, but is very important for the success is the defense of the own base in Castle Clash. Many players fall right on building its own army with powerful forces, forget also the own defensiveness and defense. If you only with little or even no defence of another player be successfully attacked and defeated, then that can back pretty fast go and become more expensive. They would often build base for the gold and the raw materials also fortifications and walls in the own Castle Clash.

Therefore applies only once that you should provide a basic defense in Castle Clash. These include fortifications, of course next to walls. The arrangement of the walls, you could say too much what we do but again in an additional article.

Not a great wall to see the whole base, but to move all major buildings (for example, the Commons, main building) with a wall and then to the conclusion in principle here also for the first time, once again a wall around all of the buildings. The walls also to defences are useful because they are so for now protected for a few seconds before the attackers.

Important notes for the Clash of Castle defense: many players make the missing and swaying in safety if you build all the buildings at the edge so the opponent theoretically only from one direction can attack. This is wrong, no later than when the first air units there are, then this build order does not get further, rather the contrary.

Castle Clash: Tips and tricks to attack

The attack of another player in Castle Clash is the goal of many players, no wonder almost certainly because it is great fun to take down the camps by other players and raw materials such as gold, as well as the coveted honor points to get us. But also during the attack, there are some things to consider, we have provided you here shortly.

You choose the opponent well: in the search after a target in Castle Clash choose out well the opponent. You should especially use the Castle Clash Hack online generator attention on the enemy. This has for example, only a few walls and defences are also scarce simply, then this is certainly the right target. While not as lump-sum can be said this because it depends on your units mix. If you have, for example, air units and see that the opponent has no or little Defense for it, then this is of course the correct destination. In addition, it is useful only have players to attack that only a few troops in the base. For what many initially don’t know in Castle Clash, the troops can help the defense.

Look for the gold and mana: before the attack in Castle Clash, you should visit on the gold and mana of the respective players. Because applies here, the more gold and mana who owns players, the more can also get you in a successful attack.

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