Welsh Corgi

Cool Facts About Welsh Corgi

The look of a welsh corgi dog resembles German Shepherd, but its posture is smaller and its legs are short, so people call it ‘mini shepherd’. Although tiny, he was able to shepherd the sheep and in England became Queen’s darling.

There are two varieties of welsh corgi, namely those from the Cardigan region called the welsh corgi cardigan and the origin of the welsh corgi. This dog is known since the 19th century in the area of ​​South Wales, England, and bred by Miss Thelma in 1925.

He was instrumental in spreading. A few years later King George IV gave a pair of Corgi to his older sister who is now Queen Elizabeth II. Since then, he became part of the British empire.

Interesting Facts About Welsh Corgi

Welsh Corgi

The Little Shepherd

According to the American Dog Fan Association and Dog Images blog, welsh corgi belongs to the shepherd group. In the past, in Australia he was used to shepherd sheep. According to Hadinoto’s observations, corgi dog owner in Jakarta, welsh corgi indeed looked more agile and good looks when allowed to play in the grass. Nevertheless, his function now turns into an accomplished keeper and as a playmate.

His posture is small, only 25-30 cm and weighs 8-11 kg. Her face resembles herder, ears tall although not kissed. The size of this ear seems a bit too big in the body, so it looks funny face. The color of its feathers are diverse, but the most sought after are the tri-colored fans. The length of the feathers is. The tail may be cut, may also be left. The overall appearance of the little $200 dog is fun, let alone the temperament.

Submissive and Alert

“Welsh corgi has a submissive and alert character. And if released, he can go home alone “, explains by the dog owner whose dog has been giving birth to 8 puppies. His Welsh corgi named Rocky is reliable to keep the house.

But overall a Welsh Corgi is a very easy dog breed to raise.

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