2018 Ford Ranger

2018 Ford Ranger Specifications and Engine

Ford always produces various high quality cars since long time ago. There are so many types of car released by Ford. Have you ever heard about Ford Ranger? The new version of Ford Ranger will be released in 2018. According to various sources, 2018 Ford Ranger has better specifications and comes with reliable engine. 2018 Ford Ranger often called as safer truck because comes with strong and aggressive front bumper. Not only that, it is called as safer truck because comes with adaptive cruise control, radar, and other sophisticated system. About engine, the car comes with 3.2 liter inline-5 turbo diesel engine that is reliable enough and makes the car becomes powerful. The car’s 60 mph is 5.7-6.5 seconds.

2018 Ford Ranger Exterior and Interior Design

If we look at exterior design of 2018 For Ranger, we will see the big change in the front end. The exterior looks good with DRL LED headlight. The headlights are also slimmer than current version. About grille, it will look similar with the grille on Ford Edge. About interior design, the car will come with head-up display to make you easy for controlling safety features. Keyless entry system with a push-button start is also available to make you easier when using every feature of the car.

2018 Ford Ranger

2018 Ford Ranger (infocars2017.com)

2018 Ford Ranger Price and Release Date

There are so many people who want to buy 2018 Ford Ranger after knowing about features and specifications of the car. How about you? Have you decided to buy this car as soon as possible? Actually, the car may be on sale in the early 2018. So, you have to be patient to wait for this car. You are better to prepare budget for buying this car. According to some sources, 2018 Ford Ranger price or MSRP starts at $21,000. So, you can prepare $21,000 to buy 2018 Ford Ranger as soon as possible.

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